Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sober living house?
Sober living homes are affordable alcohol and drug free environments that provide a safe place to practice the living skills learned in treatment. We do not detox or provide treatment in house.

What is the average length of stay?
We ask for a minimum two month commitment but can be flexible, most people stay 6 to 8 months. However, a stay of 10 to 12 months is recommended.

Can I have visitors?
Under most circumstances visitors are not allowed on the premises, however your 12 step sponsor can come and go to participate in your recovery. family member visits are encouraged and can be arranged.

What happens if I relapse?
In the event of relapse, we will do our best to get residents back in treatment as soon as possible either to a detox program or refer residents out to a more appropriate treatment setting.

Under no circumstances are residents allowed to remain in the house placing other residents at risk.

What do I need to bring?
Bring your basic clothes, surf boards, sporting equipment and toiletries. Sober Living Bali provides bedding and towels. Electronic devices are acceptable as well.

How is Sober Living Bali different than other sober living environments?
Sober Living bali’s structured sober living residence is a 12 step-based program. Rent covers 2 meals a day and snacks. We welcome our residents and their families with open arms. Having been residents of sober living ourselves we know first hand how important this phase of your development is to building a strong foundation in your recovery from addiction.

We do not provide any clinical services. Sober Living bali’s structured sober living utilizes the quality addiction based treatment centers that already exist in the community as well as the traditional 12 step based programs already established in Bali.

Our residents must have at least 7 full days of abstinence prior to entering our home. If a resident requires addiction treatment we will get them to an appropriate facility

Ideally residents come live with us after addiction treatment and, if necessary, utilize the local clinical services.

Why Bali?
Referred to as The Island of the Gods, Bali is a paradise on its own. With sandy beaches, fabulous surf breaks and golf courses and a plethora of other activities, Bali is truly alive with a deep spiritual culture that lives within its residents. There is no better place on earth to build a solid foundation of recovery and to begin to live one day at a time.

What are the visa requirements
Indonesia has different requirements for different countries of citizenship. our administration staff will assist in making sure that you have the correct visa for your stay and assist in making sure you stay current and legal.

Transportation will be provided to and from the airport, local clinical services, and some 12 step meetings. Motor bike and car hire for other activities can be arranged.

Payments can be made via wire transfer, credit cards or cash.